CEO Succession

We can help you with building a framework, process, and tools which are aligned with your culture to guide you through your CEO succession strategy.

Building Healthy Organizations by Building Healthy Leaders

Choosing the right successor can be a daunting task but if done carefully, you can be confident you have made the right choice. The BHO group can help guide you in a systematic, well thought through process that will allow you to gather and evaluate all the relevant input prior to making a final decision.

We will work one on one with all internal candidates entering into the CEO succession process and conduct initial assessments using our tools and assessments and provide feedback to the decision makers on observations and abilities. We will also provide developmental feedback to each candidate to support their learning and growth. 


Key Focus Areas:

  • What will the CEO role look like in 2-4 years?  We will work with you to update and validate the CEO role with your organization. 

  • Validate the values and competencies with senior leaders and the board. These values and competencies will then form the basis of the 360° surveys given to each of the candidates. 

  • Provide confirmation of the short-term CEO succession plan to be used by the board in the event of an emergency.   
  • Communicate a clear growth and succession process to the organization. 

  • Provide prioritized leadership development needs in order to continue developing the senior leaders in the organization.  

  • Raise awareness and confidence in each leader to access leadership development tools, opportunities, and programs successfully.

  • Update and validate roles in the key positions affected by any internal CEO Succession selection.  



  • Readiness report for future CEO succession

  • Readiness reports for future executive succession

  • Training plans for all those involved in the assessment phase

  • Collective training program design to address any common competency deficiencies. 

  • Tweaked leadership trait instruments (profile instruments) to reflect the desires of the board and executive team. 
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