Building a healthy organization starts with building a solid foundation.  Understanding your organization's core values and biases will help you create the foundation of a healthy organization.  We have two primary tools that we use to help you with defining and communicating your core values to your team!

Building Healthy Organizations by Building Healthy Leaders

  • BHO Book

Recent research has documented how organizations that hold to a consistent set of values and hold their people accountable to them will consistently out perform those that do not.  But there is little available analyzing what values are most effective and virtually nothing available that provides a roadmap for businesses and other organizations to guide their people through value formation and alignment for effectiveness.  Building Healthy Organizations addresses this gap.  The book convinces that an environment where values are consciously developed and staff are held accountable to them is crucial to the bottom line of all organizations.

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Also available as an eBook

  • VALUES workshop

The BHO V.A.L.U.E's workshop is foundational as it will help leaders learn the concepts of biases and balance in light of the five distinct VALUE systems of a healthy organization.

This workshop covers:

  • Why does your bias have such an effect on the team health?
  • How do you create, maintain and correct the balance in getting work done and building trusting relationships?
  • What are the core values that I need to keep foremost in my mind to develop a culture of trust and respect?

This workshop provides you with a values framework and a blueprint for creating balance between getting work done and maintaining trust and respect within the team. 

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