Leadership Development

Leadership Development

The BHO Group Leadership Development program is an excellent way to invest in your staff, helping them learn about themselves and define growth areas which leads to greater productivity.  The first place to start is developing self awareness. Becoming self-aware takes place on many levels, and the BHO Group focuses on five primary areas as noted in the framework below to provide unique and important views into a leader's life.  Self-awareness information is delivered using mature tools that create a positive experience for the leadership development participant.

Building Healthy Organizations by Building Healthy Leaders

There are five primary components to our Leadership Development programs - Objective Leadership Assessment, Role Gap, Career History and Goals Interview, 360 Values and Competencies Survey, Corporate Values Survey.  Each of the components is customized to include the specific tools that would provide the most value/insight for your particular organization.
Workshops BHO
  • Workshops

A workshop is a half or full day session held on location, or in Saskatoon.

  • Assessments

Assessments are professional reflection and diagnostic tools to create understanding and awareness.Each assessment is debriefed by a BHO coach to each participant.

Required Reading
  • Required Reading

Participants are required to read selected books related to leadership and development and discuss with other participants during the course of the program. Participants will also be required to write a one page summary of the book and the book’s salient points which they will apply to their everyday management activities.

Leadership Development Framework
  • Leadership Development Framework

All participants will be guided through developing a Leadership Development Plan (LDP). This helps set goals and track growth progress.

Developing Leaders at all Levels

The Leadership Development program can also be expanded to help you develop leadership in other areas of your organization. We can assist you in creating a Leadership Development Academy for your organization to coach and train leaders at the supervisory level as well as developing internal staff who can become your in-house leadership development coaches.


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